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Real Estate License

A real estate license is a certificate issued by a state commission or administrative body, authorizing an individual (agent or broker) with the legal capacity to represent a home buyer or home seller in the process of a real estate transaction to buy or sell a home.

There are two distinct types of real estate licenses available in the United States.  The real estate salesperson’s license and the real estate brokers license.

Real estate salesperson’s license

A real estate salesperson’s license is the basic license you’ll obtain if you want to become a real estate agent.  It is issued by the state and allows you to perform all functions associated with buying and selling real estate for the general public.  You need a real estate salesperson’s license in order to represent buyer’s, seller’s, landlords for rental placement purposes, property management, & commercial real estate transactions.

In order to get your real estate salesperson’s license you’ll need to satisfy the state’s minimum education requirements, pass the national and state exams, and usually pass a criminal background check as well as pay an application fee.

Real estate broker’s license

A real estate broker’s license is an advanced license obtained by individuals usually seeking to start a brokerage firm.  Many agents obtain their broker’s license but remain with an established firm simply so they can advertise a higher designation to their customers or to possibly negotiate a higher commission split with their brokerage.  In most states you must first obtain your real estate salesperson’s license and gain a specific amount of experience or perform a minimum number of transactions in order to apply and be approved for a real estate broker’s license.

In addition to gaining the requisite experience you’ll also be required to meet additional educational credits, take the broker’s exam and pay the appropriate application fee.

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